Character Description

How do you describe your characters? Are they described through your eyes? Are they described through another character’s eyes?

Whatever the case, it’s best not to go into a lengthy paragraph that sounds like a bullet list with the way it specifies EVERY detail about the character’s features. Authors in the 19th century may have gotten away with it, but nowadays?

Example: “Her long hair was this shade of red and it was completely straight, her eyes were this shade of blue and had tiny specks of this shade of green in them, her waist was this thin, she was this tall . . .” etc, etc.

When you’re describing a character’s appearance, space out the details and casually mention them as you’re introducing the character. And while you’re at it, consider having another character describe the one you’re introducing, if you can.

Example through observation: “She tossed her feathered blonde hair over her shoulder.”

Example through dialogue: “Did you see his eyes, Ella? They’re a lovely shade of green, like emeralds.”

Admittedly though, there may be instances when itโ€™s easier to describe the character in one sentence.

Example: “The young woman in the photo had strawberry-blonde hair pulled into a ponytail, light brown eyes, and a small smattering of freckles across her nose.”

In summary, focus on the little details and the observations your characters make about each other’s appearance.

Tell me your thoughts below in the comments! What do you think is the best way to describe a character’s appearance?

One thought on “Character Description

  1. I agree. Descriptions should be short and sweet. I think an important question to ask is, โ€œWhat is the first thing someone would notice about this characterโ€?. Happy First Article! ๐Ÿ™‚

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