Point of View

Are you stuck on a scene that refuses to budge? Does it feel like a chore just trying to get words onto the page?

In other words, which of your characters’ point of view are you writing from?

If a scene isn’t moving forward the way you want it to, it could be that you’re focusing on the wrong character, thus writing in the wrong point of view.

For example, in a scrapped ending to a deuteragonist’s arc in my trilogy, I tried to write it in his wife’s POV, in what would’ve been her only appearance in the whole trilogy.

I kept getting stuck. And the reason why was because my focus was on the wrong character.

The wife wasn’t the one who had the arc; he did. She wasn’t the one audiences would be emotionally invested in; he was. She wasn’t the one audiences would spend three books getting to know; he was. She wasn’t the one who missed out on the first few years of their daughter’s life; he was.

So I switched the focus on him and BAM! I got a whole page and two sentences on the next page.

The same thing happened yesterday. I tried writing from the protagonist’s wife’s point of view. I got stuck. I switched to his sister’s point of view, and wouldn’t you know it, I got almost a page and a half.

The next time you get stuck on a scene, try switching characters to see whose point of view moves it, and which character will be impacted the most emotionally.

Tell me your thoughts below in the comments! Do you think switching POVs helps a scene get unstuck?

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