Skills & Hobbies

Are you putting your characters’ skills and hobbies to good use? Or are you just leaving those abilities on the shelf of wasted potential?

When you’re developing characters, and you give them a certain skill or hobby, try not to leave it unused. Because those abilities your characters have can be used for developing them. Such as:

1. Reveal facets of the characters’ personalities.

Example: One of my characters has a talent for playing guitar. He uses this skill to comfort his frightened child who had a bad dream, despite being exhausted himself. This shows he’s a family man who is willing to sacrifice sleep to help his child.

2. Help them on their journeys.

Example: Another one of my characters has been ice-skating as a wintertime hobby since she was a little girl. As a result, she’s skilled in it, and it comes in handy when she and her companions come across a dangerous ice maze later in the story.

3. Contribute to the plot.

Example: Detective characters, anyone? They’re skilled in looking for clues and piecing them together. And when those clues are finally put together in a complete puzzle, the crime is solved and the plot is resolved. Unless of course, the relationship between the lady detective and the new security officer is starting right at the end, which MIGHT leave a thread for a sequel. 😉

Skills and hobbies are useful things. And not only should you utilize your characters’ skills and hobbies for developing their personalities, helping them on their journeys, and contributing to the plot (in a way), you should also treat those abilities as if they’re second nature to the characters.

Tell me your thoughts below in the comments! Do you utilize your characters’ skills and hobbies?

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