Writer’s Block

Remember what I said about being stuck with a scene and that perhaps switching POVs will help it?

Well, it works sometimes. Other times, if switching POVs isn’t working, you’ll have to do something else in order to get the gears going.

Such as:

  • Wandering around the house aimlessly, just letting the scene you’re stuck on churn in your mind until something pops up for the following scene.
  • More outlining.
  • Doing something other than writing, like laundry or dishes. Go for a walk if it isn’t raining.
  • Write something else, like a later scene, or maybe a scene from a different story. Or something completely random.
  • Play a board game. Scrabble is a good one.
  • Listen to music, and imagine your story as a movie.

When the scene finally starts to move, write it down. Drop the laundry basket, dry off your soapy hands, run back to the house, just pause whatever it was you were doing to oil the imagination gears and write.

And write, write, write…until you need to oil the gears again.

Tell me your thoughts below in the comments! What are other ways to get past a stuck scene?

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