First Impressions – Romantic Relationships, Part 2

As said last week, the first step to developing a romantic relationship always starts when Guy meets Gal and they leave an impression on each other.

That first impression could be good or it could be bad. A good impression will likely leave them with a desire to know more about the other.

Example A: The impression Jenny leaves on Ethan is that she’s willing to help strangers. The impression he leaves on her is that he’s willing to protect strangers.

But if one or both of them left a bad impression on the other, it’ll likely leave them with a desire never to meet again…yet alas, the plot is pulling them together and they have no choice but to interact and as a result, inevitably learn more about each other.

Example B: Ulric leaves a bad impression on Royse at first because of his arrogant attitude. But later, he’s surprisingly chivalrous in an attempt to get the town jerk to stop bugging her. This leads to her seeing him differently, which in turn inevitably leads to her wanting to know more about him. And while this is happening, he’s wanting to learn more about her.

Tell me your thoughts below in the comments! What kind of impression did your main man leave on the leading lady, and vice versa?

This post was last updated on March 8, 2020

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