Creating A Soundtrack

You should create a soundtrack for your story. Really, you should.

Creating a soundtrack is so much fun. Hearing music that instantly reminds you of your characters, scenes, story as a whole…*happy sigh*

I love making soundtracks for my stories. When I hear a song or score that seems to fit a character or scene, my eyes get wide, I get excited, and I add it to the soundtrack section on the proper storyboard. If I’m out and about, I usually write it down so I can look it up later.

There are no rules to creating a soundtrack. You don’t need to worry about sticking with music that fits the time period your story is set in. If a song written in the modern day fits your character who lives in the Wild West, go for it!

But if you’re not sure or the lyrics really don’t fit but the music does, then there’s always instrumental covers. Sure does help when you want ‘The Final Countdown’ as a battle score, but the lyrics don’t really fit.

(And if we’re being honest, covers are sometimes better than the actual song)

Also, when you create your story’s soundtrack, add a little note saying which scenes and characters it matches.

Creating a soundtrack can be helpful in bringing characters and scenes to life even more, and even in giving you new ideas as well.

Tell me your thoughts below! Have you created soundtracks for your stories?

2 thoughts on “Creating A Soundtrack

  1. I’ve never made a soundtrack for my stories, nor have I ever felt the desire to do so. However, other writers do and seem to really like it. Makes me wonder if I’m missing out …


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