Getting To Know You – Romantic Relationships, Part 3

After Guy and Gal have met (Step 1) and made their first impression (Step 2), it’s time for them to start getting to know each other.

This is usually done by talking to each other, of course. A simple guideline would be:

  1. Start with the basics: names, ages, likes and dislikes, etc.
  2. They won’t learn everything about the other in a day. That’s completely unrealistic. It takes time to get to know someone, and even after Guy and Gal have married, they’re still going to be learning more about the other every day for the rest of their lives together.
  3. I would save the deep, emotional stuff for later in the story, after the ice has thawed enough for them to be comfortable around each other.
  4. Don’t settle for them sitting in a coffee shop. Have them go for a walk in the park, sightseeing, browsing a library, etc.

A little note: getting to know someone can be nerve-wracking for certain people, so it wouldn’t be unrealistic for either Guy or Gal or even both of them to be a little shy.

Tell me your thoughts below!

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