What’s In My Writing Kit

If there’s one thing every writer needs, whether he/she writes stories, pen letters, or journal; it’s a writing kit.

My writing kit consists of:

  • Notebooks.
  • Pens. Lots and lots of pens.
  • A storyboard. When I give an idea the green light, I create a storyboard for it on Pinterest. I pin references for characters/settings/clothing, quotes befitting the story, and have a section for the story’s soundtrack.
  • Writing how-to books.
  • My laptop. MS Word or Google Drive is where I do the actual writing. Mostly MS Word nowadays.
  • Prompt book. This is where I record my ideas and some prompts from Pinterest I find interesting.
  • NaNoWriMo journal.

That’s it, I think. If I find something I missed, I’ll be sure to add it onto the list!

Tell me your thoughts below! What’s in your writing kit?

One thought on “What’s In My Writing Kit

  1. My writing supplies:
    -journals…I love pretty journals!
    – a favorite pen
    -mechanical pencils
    -stationery (I don’t write books, but I do write to people!)
    – my quote book; this is where I put down bits and pieces of books that I just love!
    – notebooks just for ideas, when inspiration strikes πŸ™‚


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