How I Started Writing

I don’t remember writing it, but the earliest story I’ve found among my scribblings over the years is a copy of two ‘newspaper articles’ I wrote when I was nine-and-a-half.

And I used one of my stuffed animals, a husky named Acorn (great name, I know), as the article’s writer.

I have no idea what inspired me to do that, but you could say that was the start of my love for writing. There were a few other stories using other stuffed animals, only I was turning them into real animals and giving them owners. This was when I was around 11-12, I think.

Then along came A Time For Everything. Only it wasn’t a 4-book series when I first got the idea.

It was one book and it was an incredibly sappy love story set during the American Civil War, complete with a love triangle that had one guy who truly loved the girl and the other guy was a bad guy.

All I can do now is shake my head at 13-year old me and cringe…especially because I still have those first scribblings.

What can I say? I like seeing how my stories have grown from tiny little seedlings to sprouts. Especially A Time For Everything, as it’s gone from a sappy love story with an unnecessary love triangle to an actual war drama.

But it still has romance–just not as sappy and overpowering as it used to be.

Tell me your thoughts below! How did you start writing? What caused you to first pick up the pen and paper to release stories from your imagination?

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