The Family Trap // Preview

Idea #3 for the serial story poll. This is only a preview.

Oregon, 1908 – Cordelia Owens was more than surprised to see her neighbor Thaddeus Wilder at the church. Not that he wasn’t a churchgoing person–he was–but because today was Thursday and the orphan train had just come to their town.

Thaddeus didn’t like children. Come to think of it, he didn’t like a lot of people in general. Especially her. Some days, she wondered why he still lived across the creek from her.

Still keeping a wary eye on him, she sat beside Almira Jones and whispered, “What is Thaddeus doing here?”

Almira furrowed her brow. “Thaddeus Wilder?”

Cordelia nodded and pointed across the aisle. Almira followed her finger, then turned a puzzled look on her and shrugged.

As more people started to trickle in, they gave Thaddeus curious looks, but none bothered to ask him why he was there.

The adoptions went smoothly. Before Cordelia knew it, she and Thaddeus were the only adults left sitting in the pews. And up at the front of the church, stood the last two children. Cordelia had noticed they had stayed close to each other the whole time and was beginning to suspect they were brother and sister.

A few minutes of silence passed. Then Cordelia stood and announced she’d adopt the both of them–right at the same time Thaddeus said he’d take the boy.

Startled, they looked at each other and narrowed their eyes. The children gave them curious glances and stepped back a bit.

Reverend Whitaker only rolled his eyes and sent a silent prayer heavenward.

© H.S. Killian 2018


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