Poll Results + Announcement

And the winner–or rather, winners, of the poll are:

The Journey Home and The Family Trap.

Yep, tie. Because of that, they will both be written, but as to which one will be first, that’s currently in deliberation.

When the first story is written (which I hope to have started by December at the latest), each installment will be posted every other week, alternating with flash fiction and miscellaneous writing topics.

On to the announcement: Fellow writer Michaela Bush (from Tangled Up In Writing) and I have started a hashtag on Twitter called #thecountercultureliterarymovement!

The purpose of the movement is to promote fiction that’s free from the unnecessary and excessive profanity, sexual content, and unhealthy relationships that dominate the shelves of our libraries and bookstores.

To learn more, just go here!

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