October is almost here! Wow, where’d the year go?!?

Writing-wise, I have two projects: Finishing the outline for Preserving The Past and posting 2x a month again!

However, now that I have four topics to write about–characters, miscellaneous writing topics, flash fiction, and serial stories–I won’t be posting all of them in the same week or even week after week.

Instead, character posts and flash fictions will be posted one week, then miscellaneous writing topics and serial story installments the next.

So, every other Tuesday will be a character post and every other Friday is still flash fiction. Every other Monday will be a miscellaneous writing topic and every other Thursday will be a serial story installment. Unless its a holiday, in which case the post will be moved to either the day before or after.


What will you be doing writing-wise in the upcoming month?

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