Character Fashion

What kind of style do your characters have in fashion? Are they casual or dressy? Do they wear bright and bold colors or dark and muted neutrals?

What kind of jewelry do they wear? What is the one piece of jewelry your protagonist will never get rid of? One piece of clothing your protagonist will never get rid of?

Of course, there’s also their occupation, the time they live in, and their country of origin. Maybe even the region will have a different style compared to other regions in the country.

Going back to what colors your characters wear, keep their hair and eye color and skin tone in mind. What colors look good on one person won’t necessarily look good on another.

In regards to going about their normal day at home, my characters are pretty much casual dressers. Just a regular ol’ T-shirt/long sleeves, shorts/jeans, sandals/sneakers, etc. On Sundays, they’ll get a little dressy for church. Depending on their occupation, they might wear a uniform, nice dressy clothes, or casual clothes.

To answer these questions for two of my own characters:

Henry – Casual for both every day and work. He’s usually seen in blues and greens, along with his dad’s leather jacket, which he inherited after the former’s death. It’s also the one piece of clothing he’ll never get rid of.

Lizzie – Casual for home, a little dressy for work. She’s usually wearing brights and bolds. The one piece of clothing she’ll never get rid of is her wedding dress. (Might be a bit obvious, but hey, it works)

As for jewelry – My first thought for Lizzie was a locket from her grandmother, but then I remembered she gives it to one of their daughters later on in this series, so my next thought was her wedding ring, which happens to be the same answer for Henry.

That may be it for character fashion. If I think of anything else, I’ll either add it to this post or create a new one.

Tell me your thoughts below! What kind of style do your characters have?

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