Character Questionnaires

Introducing the first post to the Character Questionnaires series! On the last Tuesday of every month, I’ll be posting a list of ten questions and answers so that we can round out our characters more!

And it doesn’t matter if the characters you use are major, minor, or even all of them. It also doesn’t matter if you use more than one for each question. They’re your characters, have fun!

Here are the questions, including my answers for my own characters:

Q1: Which character would struggle the most with touch-screen technology?

A1: Ethan. Those soda machines that use it? Cue him complaining about nothing being wrong with the former machine.

Q2: Who is the book lover?

A2: Abe and Lizzie. Don’t ask them what their favorite books are. They’ll hold you up for hours just to tell you because they’ll include why they like that particular book and how they came across it and all that jazz.

Q3: Do any of them have a reckless streak?

A3: Henry. Definitely Henry. He claims it’s genetic.

Q4: Who is the most likely to be pulled over?

A4: Erin. It hasn’t happened yet, but out of all the gang, it would happen to her.

Q5: Who is the goofy one?

A5: Henry.

Q6: Who is the organized one?

A6: Lizzie.

Q7: Who loves dark chocolate?

A7: Heather.

Q8: Have any of them been to a different country?

A8: Ethan. Afghanistan.

Q9: Who is an excellent driver?

A9: Abe and Jenny.

Q10: Do any of them like ballet?

A10: Lizzie. Her favorite is The Nutcracker.

So, what do you guys think? Sound like fun? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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