Character Questionnaire 2

Time for another Character Questionnaire!

Q1: Which character would hate living in a cookie-cutter home?

A1: All of them.

Q2: Who secretly likes Hallmark movies?

A2: Erin.

Q3: Who is the forgetful one?

A3: Jenny.

Q4: Who gets stressed out the most?

A4: Lizzie.

Q5: Who can tell the difference between peppermint, wintergreen, and spearmint?

A5: Jenny.

Q6: Were any of them born in Seattle, Washington?

A6: Ethan and his siblings.

Q7: Who finds it hard to move on?

A7: Ethan.

Q8: Are any of them artistic?

A8: Maddie. She loves painting.

Q9: Who’s allergic to dogs?

A9: None of them

Q10: Who hates the idea of flying?

A10: Henry.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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