Character Questionnaire 3

Here’s the third Character Questionnaire!

Q1: Can any of them speak a language or more?

A: Zoe speaks Bemba, French, and Gaelic.

Q2: Pick two characters. Which one would wear an ugly Christmas sweater for kicks and which one would adamantly REFUSE to?

A2: Henry would wear the sweater because he has a sense of humor. Ethan wouldn’t be caught dead in it.

Q3: Which one journals?

A3: Lizzie.

Q4: Do any of them like hot dogs?

A4: The adults, no. The kids, yes.

Q5: Do any of them love traveling?

A5: Jenny, Erin, Junior, and Zoe.

Q6: Is there anyone with a hot temper?

A6: Ethan.

Q7: If there are any kid characters in your story, which one or ones would be more likely to get into mischief? And which kid is more likely to try and drag the others away from that mischief?

A7: Junior and Zoe are the ones to get into mischief, Maddie’s the one who tries to get them out of it.

Q8: Who is the history lover?

A8: Abe.

Q9: Who gets embarrassed when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to them?

A9: Ethan, Abe, Lizzie, and Erin.

Q10: Which one loves the 3 Musketeers candy bar?

A10: Henry, Heather, and Jenny.

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