Random Thoughts

So, I have a few random thoughts regarding the blog and serial stories on my mind right now…

Random thought #1: I’m thinking of writing the serial stories on Wattpad instead. Not sure why.

Random thought #2: Book reviews. I’m not just a writer, I’m a bookworm too. That’s where the ‘worm’ part of the blog name came from. So…if I do start reviews…they’d start around maybe the spring or summer.

I’ve also thought of changing the design for the blog, but we’ll see.

Anyway, just a few random thoughts.

Favorite Lines & Quotes

Alright, so I didn’t realize I’d forgotten about today’s post until just now, so…here it is. Also, I think that instead of just having quotes from Preserving The Past, I’ll use other favorite lines I’ve written from a few other stories I’ve started on…stories that are collecting dust on the hold shelf or ended up in the scrap bin, unfortunately…

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Beyond The Horizon

England, 1685 — Thirteen-year-old James Huntley plopped his tricorne hat crookedly on his head, flattening his messy light brown hair. He let his coat hang over his arm as he hopped around his room on one foot in the process of tugging on his remaining boot. His gangly arms slid through his coat sleeves as he tiptoed down the stairs and past Doctor Jones to the door.

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