Character Questionnaire 4

Previous Questionnaires: #1 // #2 // #3

Q1: Which character loves studying history?

A1: Abe.

Q2: Spicy, sweet, or sour preference?

A2: For the most part, they don’t care, but Henry avoids lemon drops at all costs.

Q3: Who prefers dogs over cats?

A3: Junior.

Q4: Who prefers cats over dogs?

A4: Maddie.

Q5: Favorite color or colors?

A5: Henry – green. Lizzie – pink. Abe – red. Erin – teal green and blue. Ethan – blue. Heather – purple. Jenny – orange. Junior and Zoe – yellow. Maddie – green.

Q6: Who passed their driver’s test on the first try?

A6: Ethan and Lizzie.

Q7: Pick 2 characters. Who would be wiling to sing karaoke and who would not be willing to?

A7: Heather would be willing, Ethan would not. Ethan would, however, be willing to dance with her.

Q8: Who enjoys listening to classical music and who is their favorite composer?

A8: Abe, Erin, and Henry. Abe’s favorite composer is Ludwig van Beethoven, Erin’s is Dmitri Shostakovitch, and Henry’s is Johann Sebastian Bach.

Q9: Who always wants to visit an antique store whenever they go somewhere?

A9: Abe and Zoe. Like father, like daughter.

Q10: Do any of them love camping?

A10: Henry, Lizzie, and Abe.

Well, there’s today’s character questionnaire!

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