Childhood Writings

I’ve already talked about how I started writing in this post. Today, I’m going to share with you those stories that started it all. 

The very first story I ever wrote–at least I think it’s the first story I ever wrote; it’s certainly the earliest piece of writing I have dated–was this:

This is a copy of the original, which disappeared years ago.

I was nine-and-a-half and used my Build-A-Bear husky as the article’s writer. I also have a second article, but I don’t remember if I ever got around to writing A3-A5.


Well, a few years passed and I wrote some other little stories, some of which turned my Webkinz (anyone else remember those?!?) into real animals with owners. But the story I usually say really kickstarted my love for writing was the first few paragraphs I wrote for my still-a-WIP Civil War series A Time For Everything

Okay, so maybe a paragraph and a half. And this is definitely the original.

I was 13 when I wrote this and even remember where it was written–my grandma’s house. It was one book at first and had way more emphasis on the cheesy, sappy, love triangle. Then I came up with a sequel in which the characters went west. Then I ended up with a four-person love triangle-er, quad. Then it had four couples. And then at some point, it morphed into a four-book series with less sappy romances, some characters got mixed with each other to shorten the number a bit, and last but not least–it may have turned into an actual war drama. (In my head at least. I have to get it down onto paper!)

This is the story I will never scrap, even though I briefly thought of doing so once a few years ago. This is the story that has always been on my mind, whether it’s at the forefront or the back burner.

(This story is also the reason Preserving The Past exists but that can be a post for another time)

So, there you have it, folks. (Again, haha) 

Tell me your thoughts below! What was your first story?

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