How To Write A Mentor

*Take this post with a pinch of salt as it is intended to make fun of the mentor clichés*

A mentor character…

  • Must be 45-50+ years old
  • Must have gray/white hair, plus an impressive beard
  • Must consider the protagonist as a son/daughter figure
  • Must impart pearls of wisdom every so often
  • Must be either a kind, gentle soul (Gandalf or Obi-Wan), a scruffy-looking nerf-herder with a heart of gold (Han Solo), or a sarcastic, brooding mysterio. (Haymitch)
  • Must have some degree of epic fighting skills
  • Will probably die at one point (Every Star Wars movie ever)

Tell me your thoughts below! Did I miss anything about this trope?

2 thoughts on “How To Write A Mentor

    1. Ooh, cool! *starts new post*

      I know…but to be fair, not all mentor characters die off, for example, Haymitch. But still…ugh.

      *thinks* I wonder if I have any mentor characters who die…I know Pastor Walker doesn’t. HE’S CONNOR’S FATHER FIGURE I CAN’T KILL HIM OFF!!

      Liked by 1 person

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