Character Questionnaire 5 + Blog Tag!

Yo, time for another character questionnaire! And this time, I’ll be starting a blog tag with it!

Remember, it’s ten random questions and answers about your characters from a WIP you’re currently outlining, writing, editing, or maybe it’s a WIP you haven’t touched in a while! Or you can use characters from your published novels!

Also, if you’d like to go back and use the previous questionnaires for the tag, feel free!

Instead of the TLR gang this time, I’m using 4 characters from the Matthews family series today.

Q1: What is their favorite food?

A1: Connor and Kelly have a weak spot for Chinese food. Zach loves spaghetti, and Ariel can smell tri-tip steak cooking from fifty miles away. (Or so Zach says, haha)

Q2: What was their best subject in school?

A2: Connor – writing. Kelly – mathematics. Ariel – science. Zach – history.

Q3: Favorite place to be?

A4: Connor – at home. Kelly – the park where she and Connor got engaged. Ariel – a museum. Zach – rock-climbing.

Q5: A favorite childhood memory?

A5: Connor – having a foster home that cared about him. Kelly – playing Clue with her dad. Ariel – learning French from her traveling aunt. Zach – going to the 1993 World Series with his grandpa.

Q6: Favorite flavor or flavors?

A6: Connor – lime. Kelly – raspberry, strawberry, cherry. Really, any kind of berry. Ariel – banana. Zach – grape and orange.

Q7: If they could change anything about their appearance, would they? If so, what would they change?

A7: Connor and Ariel wouldn’t change anything, but Zach would want his hair to actually stay put when he combs it. Kelly used to wish her eyes weren’t brown, but after Connor describes them as chocolate with maple syrup spilled into them…

Q8: Do any of them enjoy musicals?

A8: Connor, Kelly, and Zach do. Ariel doesn’t, but she’s still willing to take her husband to one for his birthday.

Q9: Favorite and least favorite ice cream?

A9: Connor’s fav is rocky road, his least fav is superman and mint chocolate chip. Kelly’s fav is neopolitan, her least fav is lime sherbert. Ariel’s fav is cookies and cream, her least fav is cherry. Zach’s fav is chocolate, his least fav is pistachio.

Q10: One thing they’ll never let go of?

A10: Connor – the Bible he got from Pastor Walker. Kelly – a necklace from her mom. Ariel – a picture from her first science fair. Zach – his first baseball glove.

Tagging Michaela Bush from Tangled Up In Writing, Merie Shen of Imperial Scribis, Penny Wood of A Southern Belle With Stories To Tell, and anyone else who’d like to play!

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