Throwback Stories: Untitled WWII Story + The Bookmark

Well, here they are! While not the first of my old stories to be featured on the blog, they’ll be the first to be featured in this new series I’m starting!

Both stories featured in the above photo are early versions of The Bookmark, a WWII romance that’s still a work-in-progress.

I can’t remember what inspired the first version with Adah, but I believe the second version, which is a major rewrite of the first, was inspired by an actual bookmark. My mind’s a little fuzzy on that.

Despite the major change regarding the plot, the only thing that stayed was the male protagonist’s name: Eugene.

There have been a few other tweaks since then, one example being that the prologue taking place in the present no longer exists.

So, the first plot went kaput, and while the second has not gone kaput, it is shelved. At least for now. I might eventually work on it again, or maybe it will sadly end up in the scrap bin. (Hopefully not)

To be honest, I kind of want to write the original plot again, ha.

Tell me your thoughts below! Any old stories you’d think of revisiting?

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