Character Questionnaire 6

It looks like it’s time for another Character Questionnaire! And in keeping with my Camp NaNo project, I’ll be using the protagonists, Connor & Kelly.

Q1: What was their favorite and least favorite Disney movie growing up?

A1: Connor’s favorites were The Rescuers and Pete’s Dragon. His least favorite was and still is, Alice In Wonderland. Kelly’s favorite was The Great Mouse Detective, and her least favorite was The Aristocats.

Q2: If they could travel to just one other country besides the one they were born in, where would they go?

A2: Both would want to go to Ireland, due to having Irish ancestry.

Q3: What is one thing that constantly nags at them?

A3: For Connor, it’s the notion he heard ‘Baby Mine’ from Dumbo before he even saw the movie for the first time. For Kelly, it’s unsolved mysteries.

Q4: Have either of them been known to absentmindedly sing a song from any musical, whether it be Disney or something like Singin’ In The Rain’?

A4: Yep. Also, Connor is the more likely of the two to do it in public.

Q5: Favorite place to be for a date?

A5: The park.

Q6: Who has occurring nightmares and who calms the other when that happens?

A6: Both. Both have nightmares, both calm each other.

Q7: Which one is more likely to spoil the kids?

A7: Connor.

Q8: What do they do to unwind after a difficult day?

A8: Cuddle on the couch and watch a lighthearted movie.

Q9: Who always got caught reading with a flashlight under the covers when they were a kid?

A9: Kelly.

Q10: Who had an irrational fear of the dentist as a kid?

A10: Connor.

Well, that’s all for today! As far as tagging goes…I tag anyone who wants to play!

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