Character Questionnaire 7

Today’s questionnaire will have some background questions included with the random ones. Since it’s still Camp NaNo, I’ll still be using the protagonists of my Camp NaNo project.

Q1: What is their full name?

A1: Connor Reid Matthews & Kelly Mae Hayes.

Q2: When were they born?

A2: Connor – August 17, 1983. Kelly – December 5, 1983.

Q3: Where were they born?

A3: Connor – Boston, Massachusetts. Kelly – Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Q4: What was the first book they read on their own?

A4: For Kelly, it was Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of the Baskervilles when she was nine, having believed it was about Sherlock getting a dog. For Connor, it was Robin Hood.

Q5: When they were little, what did they want to be when they grew up?

A5: Connor wanted to be an astronaut and Kelly wanted to be a dog-trainer.

Q6: How old were they when they learned to ride a bike without training wheels?

A6: Connor was eight, Kelly was six.

Q7: What is/are their favorite color(s)?

A7: Connor’s favorite color is indigo. Kelly’s are turquoise and spring green.

Q8: Left-handed or right-handed or ambidextrous?

A8: Connor is naturally left-handed, but teaches himself to write with his right hand. Kelly is right-handed.

Q9: Who gets bedhead?

A9: Connor.

Q10: Favorite animal?

A10: Connor – Tabby cats. Kelly – Leonbergers.

As usual, I’m tagging anyone who would like to use these questions to develop their own characters! It’s a blog tag after all!

Also, I’ll be honest, most of these I came up with while writing the post, haha.

G’night, everyone!

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