Who’s First? Prequels & Their Place In A Series

Every series starts with Book 1…until a prequel gets involved. What do I mean by that?

Well, if a prequel is involved, then wouldn’t that mean it should technically be Book 1, since its’ events are what kickstart the main series in the first place?

Yes and no.

(I have no idea where I’m going with this, but let’s hope there isn’t too much confusion)

Prequels, being background story fleshed out, are the how and why the main series is taking place. Without Anakin becoming Darth Vader (and if he had killed the Emperor in the first place), there is no farmboy named Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star 19 years later.

There is no sassy, stubborn princess named Leia leading the Rebellion.

There is no scruffy-looking nerf-herder named Han Solo showing up at the eleventh hour to help out.

Basically, there’s no Star Wars without Anakin falling prey to the Dark Side.

Let’s go to the main reason for this post.

I’ve been thinking lately, and may have decided, that I want the prequel of the Matthews Family series, dubbed Child of Ours, to be published first. (When it’s finished and edited, of course)

See, the story of the Matthews family didn’t quite start with Connor and Kelly — in story world terms, that is. In real life, I didn’t think of the prequel until after Connor and Kelly had taken over as the protagonists for the series as a whole.

In the story world, this branch of the Matthews family and their story began in 1983, when John and Margaret stood against what society was telling them and chose life for their child. (AKA Connor)

There were still ramifications though, which shall not be revealed because:


(Unless I revealed them somewhere else on the Net in the public arena. In that case — whoopsie. (But not really because I love talking about my characters??)

Those ramifications, however, are exactly what kick off the events of the first book (domino effect, anyone??), and also influences Connor’s arc throughout the series. In turn, his arc is what affects Kelly’s arc. (I think?)

So, what exactly was the point of this? Is a prequel really the first book to a series? Or is it more along the lines of a spin-off? (Hey look, more blog post material!)

On a last note, if you think about it, the first book in a series is the prequel to the second book, and the second book the prequel to the third, and so forth.

Tell me your thoughts below! (Also, did this make any sense?)

This post was last updated on December 21, 2019

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