Favorite Lines & Quotes: MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

Okay, that was supposed to be sorta pun-ish, ’cause I’ve been bouncing between 4 stories for the month of May. Incidentally enough, I’ll be working on them through the summer too, so…

Now, I will admit, these lines & quotes from the first two stories aren’t actually written down in the story itself…yet. But I figure I’ll just drop them here so I don’t forget to add them to the story later, ha ha.

Child of Ours:

Line(s): This joy she felt filled her whole being, spreading through her to the tips of her fingers and toes. This little one she held was her child. Hers and Jack’s. Their child.

Quote(s): “You will always be my son. Always.”

Finnegan’s Valley:

Line(s): There was no deception. None. There was only warmth, kindness, and…and love.

Quote(s): “My darling Cate, how I love you!”

And I suppose I’ll just do two tonight, since it’s so late…but next time, I think I’ll do the other two, which would be that pesky serial story that is stubbornly refusing to budge forward plot-wise and the other that might or might not be a serial.

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