Character Questionnaire 8


I’ve been taking a break, now I’m back, and with more questions to use regarding character development! (Questions that I’ll be coming up with as I write this post, but whatever)

And I believe I’ll use Owen & Catherine this time…they’ve gotta be developed more anyway.

Q1: Who is more social?

A1: Owen, most likely.

Q2: Who can sing?

A2: Both. Catherine claims Owen sings better, he claims she sings better. They never win that argument.

Q3: Do either or both of them fall ill whilst traversing the Oregon Trail?

A3: Yes. Owen falls ill first. (Haven’t decided what it is yet though) Catherine gets it later after caring for him.

Q4: Since their relationship started as a marriage of convenience, which one reveals their eventual love first?

A5: Owen.

Q6: Who dotes on the children?

A6: Both. Owen grew up like that (but he was not spoiled), and Catherine doesn’t want her children to grow up the way she did.

Q7: Do either of them have a physical injury that still affects them?

A7: Catherine broke her left ankle when she was 9, and because it was never set right, it didn’t heal right. As a result, she walks with a noticeable limp and her foot curves slightly inward.

Q8: What color are their eyes?

A8: Owen has blue eyes, Catherine has green eyes.

Q9: Hair color?

A9: Catherine’s hair is long and rich brown. Owen has somewhat messy mousy brown hair that cannot be tamed.

Q10: Height?

A10: Catherine is 5’0. Owen is 5’9.

I’m tagging anyone who wants to participate in this round of the character questionnaires.

2 thoughts on “Character Questionnaire 8

    1. During the Irish Potato Famine, a young Irishwoman accepts a marriage proposal from a man she hardly knows, in order to escape her abusive alcoholic father. They immigrate to America to escape the famine, and travel the Oregon Trail. Along the way, Catherine discovers Owen to be the total opposite of her father, yet struggles with trusting him. (Ironic considering she inadvertently trusts him to protect her in certain situations)

      It’s called Finnegan’s Valley, and it’s really only one of many WIPs I’m semi-working on.

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