Camp NaNoWriMo July: Update #2

I’m still alive, folks!

As for Camp NaNo…I’ve been lazy.

The Woodsman has been stalling on me, keeping me at only a few thousand words.

However, due to a brainstorming session I had with a friend earlier today, the gears are starting back up.

Starting with Chapter 4, I’m integrating some of those new changes. And I think I have some fodder for posts, so stay tuned for those in August!

(Yes, I’m still on a semi-hiatus for July)

I also switched the word count goal again. Now it’s 25k.

Excerpt of the week: (More like last week, but oh well)

In front of them stood the blackened shell of a house. Most of the roof was caved in, windows were shattered, and the wraparound porch sagged under the weight of the fallen eaves and a small portion of the roof.

An evergreen tree was growing through the hole in the roof and the windows, its’ lush green leaves providing a stark contrast to the gray and black tones that marked the scars of a fire.

On one of the window panes, a vase held a small bouquet of dead flowers.

So…that’s been my Camp NaNo so far. Fellow writers, how are your projects coming along?

3 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo July: Update #2

  1. I’m behind (like really behind), but I’ve also been forgetting to update my progress… sooo..
    Also, you excerpt is really good! What’s your story about

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