Into My Life Playlist

Every story needs a playlist, right? The playlist for Into My Life isn’t completely done yet, but I thought I’d just share the work-in-progress list anyway.

Also, some of the songs I picked for Connor and Kelly fit them both individually, so I just put the songs together under their ship name, even though they’re not in a relationship in this book. (No wonder they’re perfect for each other, lol)

Connor’s playlist:

Get On Your Knees and Fight Like A Man (Petra)

Don’t Let Your Heart Be Hardened (Petra)

Someone’s Waiting For You (From Disney’s The Rescuers, sung by Shelby Flint)

Press On (Billy Sprague)

Live Like You’re Loved (Hawk Nelson)

What Heroes Do (From Thor: Ragnarok, composed by Mark Mothersbaugh)

Gonna Be Alright (Newsboys)

Kelly’s playlist:

Hold Me Jesus (Rich Mullins)

Brown-Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)

Princess Leia’s Theme (Composed by John Williams)

Remington Steele Theme (Composed by Henry Mancini)

Kennor’s playlist:

Before The Morning (Josh Wilson)

Diamonds (Hawk Nelson)

Sunrise (Brandon Heath)

Holdin’ On (Carman)

Haven’t Met You Yet ( Michael Buble)

Ariel’s playlist:

Waltz of The Flowers (From The Nutcracker, composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky)

Zariel’s playlist:

Stay With The One You Love (Morgan Cryar)

Lead Me (Sanctus Real)

You & I (Guardian)

Certain Scenes playlist:

Even The Darkness Is Light To Him (Michael Card)

Sleep Sound In Jesus (Michael Card)

Haven’t Met You Yet (Michael Bublé)

A-Team Theme (Composed by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter)

Simon and Simon Theme (Composed by Barry De Vorzon)

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll update this list as I find more music!

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