Character Questionnaire 9

So, I’ve come to realize I haven’t done a Character Questionnaire in a while…as in, I haven’t done one since June.

Q1: What is their favorite season?

A1: Connor loves summer, Kelly loves autumn, Zach doesn’t care, and Ariel loves all four.

Q2: What is their least favorite weather?

A2: Connor hates rain. The others don’t really have a least favorite weather, though all four will attest to hating black ice during the wintertime.

Q3: What is their favorite outdoor activity?

A3: Connor plays baseball with the neighborhood kids because that’s one of the things he missed out on during his own childhood. Kelly goes for runs around the block to help clear her head. Ariel is a fish during the summertime; if there’s a pool, she’ll go in it. Zach is the oddball – he considers attacking the weeds in the yard as his favorite outdoor activity.

Q4: Do they love the snow?

A4: Yup. The gang will sometimes get together and travel to Snoqualmie Pass to spend a day in the snow. Afterward, they’ll grab a bite to eat on the way home, and once they’re home, they’ll immediately crash without changing into pajamas.

Q5: Who loves dancing?

A5: Connor & Kelly.

Q6: Who is a picky eater?

A6: Kelly, Zach, Ariel.

Q7: Who is not a picky eater?

A7: Connor will eat everything placed before him and is willing to try new foods. Potlucks don’t count.

Q8: What is their favorite tea?

A8: Connor – chamomile, Kelly – raspberry, Zach – peppermint, and Ariel – pumpkin spice.

Q9: What is their favorite cookie?

A9: Connor – peanut butter chocolate chip, Kelly – oatmeal, Ariel – snickerdoodle, Zach – shortbread

Q10: Are they allergic to anything?

A10: Connor, Zach, and Ariel aren’t. Kelly is allergic to pollen and has to carry a truckload of tissues everywhere in the spring.

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