NaNoWriMo 2019 Update

Okay, so I wasn’t planning on doing an update until after NaNo was over this year, but since I went crazy, I decided, “Why not?”

Don’t be too alarmed at the ‘went crazy’ part. All I did was decide to split up the word count between 4-ish projects.

Yeah. Four.

So, without further ado:

Into My Life – V1

Currently, this stands at 15,778 words. It kind of stalled at Chap. 16, so I decided to skip ahead to a few scenes. And it’s stalled again.

My theory as to why it’s been slow writing this one (compared to TMH, which was finished in a month and a day) is not just because I didn’t finish the story map and therefore ended up pantsing after the First Plot Point. My theory is that it’s also because things don’t seem to pick up until Connor & Kelly are in a scene together.

It’s like they’re the heart and soul of this book and this series, which leads me to:

Into My Life – V2

I started a second version about…two weeks ago? The reason why is because I think this book is morphing from a crime/suspense story to a story of brokenness, friendship, and searching. Also, the lemons and lemonade thing snuck in there, and led to a new title: The Lemons & Lemonade of Life.

I’m only to going try for a test run of 5k. Currently as I’m writing this, it’s at 2,053 words.

The Woodsman – Take 3? 4?

I have no idea how many times I have started this little novelette and haven’t gotten any closer to finishing it!


*cough* Don’t get me wrong, I love this little story and enjoy the characters. I just haven’t found the ‘oomph’ yet, I suppose. I’ve renamed a character, added another, and am trying for three POVs (though technically one ends really early), but…it’s going to need some work. Lots of work.

But I’m never gonna give it up, so…

Currently, it’s at 2,369 words out of a planned 10k.

Flash Fics

These are just snippets of a Matthews AU I thought of and some post-Woodsman flash fics. The AU involves Connor being a widower with a kid when he meets Kelly, but I’m kind of already using that angle with another story, so it’s not gonna happen. It was interesting though. It helped me brainstorm a few new storylines for the Matthews Family series as a whole, so…

The post-Woodsman fics I cannot divulge much of, because they’re kind of spoiler-ish. Well, at least one of them is. I will mention though that they are cute and fluffy and I’m gonna write more.

I’m only going for 5k here too. Currently, they’re at 1,860 words combined.

So, all together, that makes 21,868 words combined.

How are you all doing on your NaNo projects?

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