Character Names

Typically, writers will be warned against having too many character names start with the same letter or to not have more than one character name start with the same letter at all.

Having too much, I can agree with. But I’m not sure about never having more than one character name starting with the same letter. The trick, I say, is to make the second letter different with each name and for the first letter to vary in how it’s pronounced.

Currently, in one of the three WIPs I’m trying to focus on, there are three characters who have names starting with the same letter:

Ariel, Alexander, and Amy.

The trick to make sure that multiple characters with the same starting letter won’t be mixed up is for not just the second letter to be different, but for the first letter to be pronounced differently:

Ariel- ‘EHR’

Alexander – ‘AL’

Amy – ‘AY’

As for making sure not too many characters use the same starting letter, I’ve limited myself to having three at the most.

However…I did end up with four ‘A’ names in the Matthews Family series. In…book #5, I think it was, Connor & Kelly now have twins, and one is named Austin.

Given that it’s still distinguishable from the others by having a different pronunciation of the ‘a’ and a different second letter, I’ve let it slide, since Alexander actually goes by his surname, Michaels, the entire series.

(Save for the few instances where Amy and Kelly call him Alex)

Tell me your opinion below! What do you think of having multiple characters with names that start with the same letter?

3 thoughts on “Character Names

  1. So, one time I had one character named Julian, and then another character named Julia (pronounced the Spanish way, so the J sounds like an H), and because they were pronounced so differently I didn’t realize what sin I had committed until later. XD

    Also, I’m writing an Arthurian retelling right now, and let me tell you that those medieval writers did NOT adhere to this piece of writing advice. Everyone’s name starts with a G, an M, or an A, and I can just barely keep their names straight. But I definitely think Alexander, Ariel, and Amy are different enough. I really like those names!

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    1. Hahaha, I’ll admit, I would’ve gotten Julia and Julian mixed up! They’re only different by one letter. xD

      Oh, medieval England…there’s only like 60 names on the Behind The Name site, so I totally understand, given I have a long-archived work-in-progress taking place in 1500s England. Definitely not a lot to go on, though Biblical names were used too, so…

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