Book Reviews: 2016

Time to start posting those book reviews I’ve been wanting to post! I’ll start with the written reviews I already have up on Goodreads, which isn’t much. Most of my reviews are just stars.

I’ll be posting old reviews first, one year at a time. After that, all reviews from this year and onward will be one book at a time. I also may eventually do a post listing all the stories I only starred and didn’t write a review for.

Dreamlander / K.M. Weiland / 4 Stars

Why isn’t this a movie yet? 😉

But the ending…WHY?!

Oh well…I just have to wait for the sequel, no biggie.

Storming / K.M. Weiland / 5 Stars

Why isn’t this a movie yet? 😉

If I Run (If I Run #1) / Terri Blackstock / 5 Stars


A Man Called Outlaw / K.M. Weiland / 5 Stars

First, allow me to say that, just like with Storming and Dreamlander, I totally wish this would be made into a movie!

Now, onto the rest. . .

OH. MY. GOODNESS. That’s all my reaction is right now. I caught the foreshadowing for ‘it’ at some point, but then got a bit thrown off by eye color (which I flipped back some pages to straighten out), and the ‘name’. Then when it was getting close to revealing what I suspected, I was literally shaking. When it happened, I was so excited that I shouted out, “I knew it!”

This is definitely a favorite on my shelf!

P.S. One thing I did catch was that the back cover and at one point in the book, said they were in Wyoming Territory, but then it was called Nebraska Territory twice. I did also catch maybe two typos.

So, there’s the four reviews I wrote in 2016!

Tell me your thoughts below! Have you ever read any of these books?

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