When Novellas Become Novels

So, this post is going to be a bit random, but that’s okay! Life is full of randomness!


Come October 8th of this year, The Woodsman will have been a WIP for two years. Inspired by the legend of Le Loyon from Switzerland, I planned for this story to be a novelette.

Key words: PLANNED.

I first aimed for a goal of 15k. Then it lengthened a bit, to around 20-25k, I believe, making it a novella.

Monday night, I hit 21k.

But…I’m not even halfway through. (I know that because the Midpoint is when there’s supposed to be a big moment of truth for the protagonist, meaning they’ll finally be getting together a coherent game plan for defeating the baddie, only in this case, since it’s a mystery, the big moment of truth is the real Woodsman’s identity)

Yep. That’s right. The Woodsman is going to be a full-blown novel.

That’s not a bad thing though! It just means that TW is meant to be longer than I thought. Meanwhile, there are probably other WIPs of mine that need to be shorter than I’ve planned for them to be.

Currently, I’m on a rewriting spree with TW, since I added a few new ideas. These ideas have also led to new chapters, bringing it up in total to 22.

For now. I figure the rewriting will bring me up to at least 24-25 chapters by the end of the week.

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