Secret Snippet Scavenger Hunt

I know I don’t usually post two Mondays in a row, but I thought it would be fun to share something, well, fun I thought of doing for the blog!

A Secret Snippet Scavenger Hunt.

The gist is this: I have made a hidden page that will be a snippet from one of my WIPs. I still haven’t decided which WIP yet, much less what the clues will be like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Your mission is to search through older posts for the clues. The answer, should you guess it correctly, must be added to the url in order to access the page.

It could be anything – ranging from the WIP’s title to an object used in it to a character’s name.

*insert Disney villain smirk here*

So yeah. It’s basically a scavenger hunt. 😉

Tell me your thoughts! What do you think of this scavenger hunt?

3 thoughts on “Secret Snippet Scavenger Hunt

    1. Yeah, about that…I’ve been thinking of the clues being an ‘unscramble the word’ type thingy. And then if the word’s unscrambled correctly, it has to be added to the URL. Which then takes you to next clue, which might be something entirely different. I think this one may be an entire ‘unscramble the word’, and it gets harder the further you go.

      Missed seeing you at church on Sunday! I was going to tell you I re-read your sunrise poem and I was going to bring it back too and tell you my thoughts, but then when we got to church I realized I forgot it. Whoops. 😛


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