Why You Shouldn’t Resort To Fan Service

How do you end a series? Do you let the ending arise from the natural progression of the plot and let it pay off what the previous installments built?

Or do you give everyone what they want, thus resorting to fan service?

The following statement may be an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn’t entirely know because I barely think of the movie anymore: I think Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker resorted to fan service in the end.

What exactly is the big problem with fan service? Don’t we want our readers to be happy readers? Of course!

But not every fan wants the same thing. Some want X, while others want Y, and then there’s the folks in Z camp just wanting to not be disappointed.

The First Big Problem

The first big problem is trying to please everyone. That’s like telling your cat to get off the table, and unless he happens to be my brother’s cat, it won’t work in the long run.

The truth is, you can’t please everyone. Pleasing everyone will only leave to no one being pleased (except for some, of course).

JJ basically gave everyone what they wanted, but all it did was leave me, along with others, feeling unsatisfied. Mainly because it just didn’t seem to jive with the foreshadowing built into The Force Awakens.

The Second Big Problem

The second big problem arises from the first: By pleasing everyone, the foreshadowing that was built up in previous installments (in this case TFA) is sacrificed for something that really doesn’t have any bearing. By pleasing everyone, the story’s natural progression is compromised and it jumps hurdles over what’s already been established through foreshadowing and parallels to make this supposedly shocking plot twist work.

Plus – there is no indication in any of the previous installments of this series to actually give a solid footing to said supposedly shocking plot twist.

Again, we do want our readers to be happy readers. It’s upsetting when someone doesn’t like our stories because of X, Y, or Z.

Yet one of the worst things we can do is try to please everyone. All it will do is eventually lead to no one being pleased.

Tell me your thoughts below!

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