The Afterverse

It is time to share that I have been put under a spell by the wacky, fantastical, humorous, and quite good series known as:

Crockett & Crane. And also the Beaumont & Beasley series. And all the Blackfire shorts.

In short: last weekend, I got sucked into reading a bunch of books that are basically a mish-mash of fairytales, myths, legends, and classics such as Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and The Three Musketeers, etc.

There’s also classical monsters such as Dracula, though he’s actually mentioned, and Frankenstein’s Monster.

There’s also time-travel, alternate realities, and magic, which are all bound by a set of rules.

There is some Disney influence in these too, but that’s to be expected considering most of us likely grew up watching Disney, and even a few real people sprinkled in all taking place within a parallel world where all of those fairytales, myths, classics, and legends are that world’s history.

Oh, and they’re all twisted into something completely different from what we all know.

Anyway, I was considering a joint review of all the C&C books, then one of all the B&B books, and so forth, but I think what I’ll do instead is post individual reviews, constructed from what I’ve posted on Goodreads, my thoughts upon revisiting them in my mind, and likely from re-reading them. I’ve already started re-reading The Janus Elixir, and since I’ve started re-reading it, I might as well do that one first.

Now, this isn’t going to be the review itself, this is only a preview. Also, I realized I’ve forgotten to mention that the name of the author of these sleep-depriving, page-turning books is Kyle Robert Shultz.

Anyway, like I said, this is only a preview of what I’ll be reviewing…someday. I’ll get those reviews up as soon as the spell is broken.

Hope you’re all having a good day and that you’re staying healthy!

15 thoughts on “The Afterverse


    Seriously, they’re good enough that I don’t even regret the all-caps

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        1. YES. I’ve read everything but Lady of Thorns (currently reading that one), Centaur Express, and Mistaken Divinity. But I’ve read all the Blackfire shorts (Unless there’s more that I somehow missed) and ASDFGHJKLSJDKFADS

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        2. (I am so spamming the comment section but…) ACHHHHH!!! YES! We need more Blackfire shorts and basically ALL WE NEED IS MORE AFTERVERSE!

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        3. You are NOT spamming the comment section! Frankly, I NEED to vent out all of my Afterverse theories! Such as who Melody really is! And what’s gonna happen between Malcolm and Julio! And can we talk about all those ships???

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        4. That’s probably the best part about a fandom; you can throw out theories left and right about what’s going to happen next and then wallow in feels together when the next book throws plot twists out like curveballs that you didn’t see the author prepping for and leaves us hanging off the edge of a cliffhanger.

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        5. I KNOW, right?!?! And, seriously, only KRS can do the cliffhangers without making us annoyed at him. I mean, we hate him for it, of course. But not many authors can pull off those cliffhangers without them looking like a next-book sell thing. AHHHH. I need the Afterverse Discord so we can cry and scrutinize theorieeeessss

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        6. *Gollum voice* Yessss, moooooooore.

          *Normal voice* Anyway, I’m ready to sit on pins and needles for the next book, which then probably promptly be devoured in one sitting. And then the cycle will just repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

          Btw, I like your new blog design!

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        7. *joins you with a Thor tone* We need more!!!!

          Sameeee…I think he said something about a summer release. And while that’s quick for a book, it’s not quick enough for me….(stingy I am, I know XD). And I’ll join you in the cycle.

          Awww. Thanks!!! It does look less cheap. 😉

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