Book Review: Never Say Goodbye by Sarah Grace Grzy // 5 Stars

Oh, this was so sweet! I absolutely love romance novels where the romance just comes on so gradually and subtly that you don’t even notice that it happened until the end.

And oh my word, LITTLE. KID. CHARACTERS. Murrae and Topher were SO adorable!!!

I’m also pretty sure I felt my eyes start to burn at one or two parts??? Such as one or two parts between Alyvia and her dad…

And I love Tyler and Ezra’s friendship – they are so funny.

Also, that line about WA being wet and rainy much of the year – so so accurate.

There was one slight geographical error though: in the second to last chapter, there’s a line about the sun setting behind the Cascades.

Well…Arlington is on the western side of the Cascades, meaning that the sun would be setting behind the Puget Sound/Olympic Peninsula area.

I also caught one typo and one inconsistency – in the scene where Alyvia’s dad is introduced, his eyes are described as green, but then in another chapter, they’re described as light brown.

BUT ALL IN ALL…this is a good book. I must read it again once I’ve recovered. xD

Anyway…have you guys read any good books lately?

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Never Say Goodbye by Sarah Grace Grzy // 5 Stars

  1. Awww! Glad you enjoyed it, though I’ve never really read it (romance isn’t my genre).

    Which is strange to say (the parenthesis, that is) since I recently read a cute series called the Mute of Pendywick Place. Mystery romance and a bit of Sherlock retellings, too! The author is very clean but her kisses made me panic since they were so /heavy/… But that might be just me… 😛


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