Inbetween Points

For some time now, I’ve been using the 8-Point structure that K.M. Weiland of Helping Writers Become Authors uses.

At some point between then and now, I inserted what I now call Inbetween Points. Before, they were Inbetween Scenes.

As the name indicates, they take place between each major plot point: Hook, Inciting Event (aka Call To Adventure), First Plot Point, First Pinch Point, Midpoint, Second Pinch Point, Third Plot Point (aka Low Moment), Climax, Resolution.

As for what happens in them:

Inbetween #1 – Taking place between the Hook and the Inciting Event, the characters, their goals, and their world is expanded upon in this section. The Hook only started the set-up; Inbetween #1 keeps it going.

Inbetween #2 – After the Inciting Event, the characters will be discussing whether to answer the Call To Adventure or not. If you’re dealing with multiple characters who all experienced it, mix it up by having some want to take the call while others just want to stay home and knit sweaters for their parrots.

Inbetween #3 – This section deals with the characters stepping foot into the Adventure World after the First Plot Point has happened. At this point, there is no quitting.

Inbetween #4 – During this section, the characters will be reacting to the First Pinch Point. There might be some anger, some disappointment…basically a lot of negative emotions, because they just got walloped by the antagonist, whether that antagonist be physical, psychological, emotional, etc. (In my Camp NaNo project for July, the antagonist is the American Civil War, and since the characters are Union, that would make the Confederates the antagonist(s) too)

Inbetween #5 – In this section, the characters will be utilizing – or at least attempting to utilize – the Truth they learned at the Midpoint. This will lead to them re-evaluating their strategy and seeing it with fresh eyes.

Inbetween #6 – High on their success after the Second Pinch Point, the characters will be blind to the next curveball coming at them from the antagonist’s camp.

Inbetween #7 – The characters will be using this time to recover after the Third Plot Point, also known as the Low Moment.

Inbetween #8 – During this section, the characters will be recovering from the events of the Climax and preparing to retire and make more sweaters, this time for the elephant that they somehow ended up with.

Tell me your thoughts below!

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