Camp NaNo July 2020: Update #1

This is how my Camp NaNo has gone so far:

Lilacs & Battlefields took off before the start of Camp because I was starting to ignore it because I got more plot bunnies for The Woodsman.

So I decided to do The Woodsman. But then TW started acting up and would barely budge in the rewriting process, because that’s what I was doing.

Then I thought of doing The Lemons & Lemonade of Life, but it’s still chillin’ on the back burner.

So I switched to Child of Ours, which is actually behaving quite well – I have over 4k.*

But then today…

I realized I dug a plot hole without realizing it. A plot bunny ended up living there after I thought up how to patch it, but since I dug up the wrong words, I can’t fill the hole with them.

So now, I’m taking that pile of words and putting it in a wheelbarrow (affectionately named SAVE YOUR DARLINGS) for later, and I have to hunt down some boards with new words so that the plot bunny can hop across and munch on another idea-shaped carrot.

How is your Camp NaNo going? Also, I’m actually doing it with The Kings’ Daughters’ Writing Camp this time!

*I did have a little over 4k. It’s down to a little over 2k now because of THAT DUMB PLOT HOLE

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