Autumn Aesthetics + The Woodsman Snippets

Despite fall starting in September, it never really feels like it until October, which is probably my favorite of the fall months.

Fall is also the perfect setting for a cozy, contemporary(?), mystery-ish story set in the woods.

I’ve already introduced it, but during the course of writing camp, I’m going to be posting snippets!

Now, I already have Chapters 1-7 written…sort of. I decided to start camp with Chapters 1-3. I’m currently in the progress of rewriting Chapter 2 before camp starts, but that might actually happen during camp, haha. And Chapters 4-7 are also going to be rewritten during camp.

Anyway, here’s a snippet from Chapter 1:

Picture was taken on 10/3/2020 from my front porch. It was foggy allllll day that day, if I remember right! Perfect for TW’s aesthetic!

Now, if my brain would stop getting distracted by some of my other WIPs…I really need to get back to outlining this current version of The Woodsman.

Tell me your thoughts! How’s your writing going? Are you plotting? Pantsing? Plantsing?

What fall aesthetic is your favorite? Fog? Rain? Pretty golden leaves? This is probably really clichΓ© of me, since I’m a Washingtonian and all, but I love the rain. 😁

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