Potential New Thing + Writing Update

Alright, so my imagination is doing its job…and also not doing its job.

It’s supposed to be moving The Woodsman along as I write. Instead, it’s taking inspiration from movies and such to create entirely new ideas.

In this case, Sister #4 watched Oliver & Company this weekend and guess what I got out of it despite barely watching it? (Then again, I’ve already seen it multiple times so it’s not like I needed to watch it, haha)

I got this:

A ten-year-old in 1980s New York City befriends a street-smart garbage collector after he rescues her from a situation gone wrong.

Don’t ask how I got that from an ’80s Disney movie, because I still don’t know. What I do know is that it’s supposed to have friendship, action, secrets, and bad guys.

I also might write it as a serial of sorts, which I know I’ve already tried before with other ideas, but…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try it out as something episodic instead, or as vignettes, which is what I originally had in mind.

I don’t know. But I do have placeholder* names for them: Todd and Amy.

(*They’re definitely going to end up as the characters’ permanent names, that’s just how my mind works)

Oh, and I might also do the same with Gunnar & Mette, the Snow Queen retelling/sequel idea I have. I’ve also already written stuff for that one, and it’s kind of become it’s own thing, so it’s more along the lines of being inspired by the Snow Queen…I guess.

If I do end up doing both of these, Gunnar & Mette will probably end up being posted first. Or Finnegan’s Valley, which is about Irish immigrants traversing the Oregon Trail.

But I also have to finish The Woodsman and Arrows.


*cough* Such is the life of a writer…

Speaking of The Woodsman and Arrows, they’re coming along. Kind of. Arrows is being stubborn and not coming along much. The Woodsman is a little less stubborn….actually no, no it’s not.

But the ideas are flowing in, which is nice. Now if only I could actually implement them into the actual story, that’d be great.

So, what do you think of these ideas? How’s your writing progress coming along?

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