Book Review: Whose Waves These Are by Amanda Dykes // 5 Stars

It has come to my attention that I haven’t shared my review of this on my blog?? HOW DARE I.

Haha. Anyway, here it is!

My eyes are watering. THIS BOOK. My goodness, how can I describe it??

EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WAS CONNECTED AND IT WAS PERFECT. No connection felt out of place; they all FIT.

And the end-THE END. MY WORD THAT IS THE BEST CLIMAX TO A BOOK I HAVE EVER READ. I seriously feared for one character, and was all “DON’T YOU DARE DIE!”

The romances were all so sweet and natural and oh my word…

And the way the plot built up, just like the-wait, that might be a spoiler. But it was oh so PERFECT, and the story FLOWED so naturally.

The message was the best part. About there being light amid all the dark and about letting that light SHINE and of course, it all pointed towards Christ being the Light and our Rock and-EMOTIONS. SO MANY EMOTIONS.

I can’t even pick out a favorite character; I LOVED THEM ALL. Well…save for Eva’s dad and William’s stepfather, even though he wasn’t shown.

I ended up grabbing a physical copy from Barnes & Noble, alongside two more books, because I can never buy one book at a time. xD

(Or maybe I can? Have I?)

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