May Writing Results / June Writing Goals

And once more, I basically disappeared last month. Usually, barely posting at this time of the year is because it becomes a bit sluggish for me, due to all the heat and such. This time, it’s probably a mix of me just not bothering to finish the gazillion posts I started and the knitting.


May Writing Results

I pretty much just dabbled around, like:

  • Wrote a snippet for another story that’s on hold. It’s actually part of the old plot for the Matthews family, but now that plot belongs to Micah & Grace and they are precious and need to be wrapped in warm blankies with mugs of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows because they go through a lot.
  • Tried getting The Woodsman to start up again. Figured out it’s missing Uncle Toby, but I don’t think that’s the big thing it’s missing. I really think that there’s something big missing from it and don’t know what it is…
  • Came up with more ideas for Gunnar & Mette too.
  • Came up with unfinished blog posts, including one that will probably be a really touchy subject…

June Writing Goals

I should probably just take a break from The Woodsman and focus on outlining its’ sequel. Maybe I’ll mess around with GAM and MAG (Micah & Grace, temp title) too…

I’ll probably be all over the place this month. Since camp is next month and all that.

I’m afraid I have no random historical tidbit this time, so how’s it been going on your end? What’re you writing? Any plans for a writing camp next month? (And for the Christian ladies out there…join KDWC…join KDWC…)

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