June Writing Results / July Writing Goals

I think it’s say to say this is about all you’ll see out of me for the summer. Writing goals and results for each month. But I’ll try to include other things too, like a ‘why’ question I’ve had running through my head for a while. (That one is still stewing)

Anyway, let’s see how I fared last month with writing: Arrows is about the only thing I focused on. I dabbled with other stories too, of course, because my mind works that way. It won’t stop giving me new ideas, whether for new stories or already-existing stories. This week, I got a new idea due to watching the fifth Pirates of The Caribbean movie and…looking up ghost stories from New Orleans.


June Writing Results

Like I said, Arrows is the only thing that got the most work done…only it was with the editing department. Yep, it’s going through its first round of editing and gained a few new scenes, esp one that is sure to make you all cry because PAIN.


(but now that I’m finishing this post up I’ve forgotten what that scene is…maybe)

July Writing Goals

To get the first round of edits done for Arrows. I’ll dabble in The Woodsman and its sequel too, but they probably won’t get a lot of attention.

I’ll probably also develop that new idea a little bit more ’cause I kind of like it? (No, I’m not putting ghosts in it…though I’m thinking of turning it into a Scooby-Doo-like series, so…it’ll probably have fake ghosts. Idk yet)

How’s it going on your end? Any writing plans for the summer?

2 thoughts on “June Writing Results / July Writing Goals

  1. Hi! Yes I am trying to get into the rhythm of it this summer. I am doing a PIC A DAY with some writing, what I did, or thinking, or should’ve done, etc. You get the idea…lol! 🙂


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