July Writing Results / August Writing Goals

This is going to be really short.

July Writing Results

So, I didn’t finish editing Arrows…I got stuck on Chapter 29 for the longest time. And then, towards the end of the month, I decided to turn it into a trilogy.

why do I do these things to myself

Anyway. So now I’m currently going through what is now Volume 1, and then it’s off to the editing races again! And while it’s there, I’ll work on Volume 2, and repeat.

Also, they’re not going to have individual titles. It’s just going to be Arrows: Volume 1/2/3, followed by the years each volume covers.

I know, how unoriginal.

August Writing Goals

It’s ambitious, but…*whispers* I want to have Volume 1 with betas by the end of the month.

Also, if I could just get some of The Woodsman going…just some of it…like if I’m stuck on Arrows and need a break from it…

How was your month? Get any writing done? Are you ready for fall? I’m ready for fall. I want my fuzzy pjs and hot chocolate and pumpkin pie and rain. Lots of rain. 😄

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