Writing Update + Snippets

Time for a random writing update!


Remember when I said I accidentally created two beta teams for Arrows? Well, I already got comments from one member of the first team, and the first two chapters look so much better now.

Snippet: My hand gravitates to where I can barely feel the tiniest hint of a bump. Then, in my mind’s eye, I see another teddy bear. New, with both eyes and a brand-new ribbon. Instead of my petite adult hand holding it, it’s tiny fingers.


The Woodsman. Such a stubborn story. I decided yesterday that I’m going to ship Nicki’s stepsister off to Marigold Hills to force Nicki to have some sister time, and also to parallel her and Jonathan, especially in regards to their sisters. Her stepsister’s name is Bethany, she’s six years younger, and she definitely ships Nicki and Jonathan like the U.S.S. Constitution. (The British couldn’t sink it, so it’s really the best ship analogy)

Snippet: “Really? You don’t strike me as the kind of guy who’d read Jane Austen, what with the whole lumberjack look you have.”


I…haven’t really been diving into this one. Maybe it’s not quite ‘there’ yet, in terns of starting. Well, starting over, that is, with the new epic Arthurian/LOTR-like plot I came up with a few months ago. But I’ll still share a snippet or two out of a doc I wrote for it a couple months ago…

Snippets: “Okay, that settles it.” Gunnar said. “We’re dead. We are so dead. We can’t open this ice cube-” He knocked on it as though to prove his point. “-so we should leave.” He started back down the hallway, Ragnar following as he nodded in agreement.

Mette dramatically bowed and pointed at the sword. When Gunnar still hadn’t budged, she said, “Gunnar, you need a sword. There’s a sword.”

“Yeah, convenient.”

How’s your writing going?

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