October Writing Results / November Writing Goals

First of all, Happy Reformation Day! 504 years ago, Martin Luther pinned the 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg. According to legend, of course. It might not have happened, but the writing of the 95 Theses definitely happened, and it marked a pivotal moment in the Protestant Reformation.

Secondly, this might be the last post you see from me for a while. It’s getting busier and more stressful as we get ready to move, so I won’t be posting anything new for a while. Plus, the posts I want to post aren’t exactly finished yet, so you might have to wait until December to see them.

Also, I know I usually post this kind of post on the first of each month, but I might switch to the last day of each month. Idk.

October Writing Results

Arrows: Finally got the second volume to start off. But I’m kind of stuck on Chapter 2.

The Woodsman: It’s kind of all over the place. I’ve been skipping ahead to write down other chapters, going back to finish up chapters, even start on the epilogue. And today, I got the inkling to revise the beginning a teeny bit.

November Writing Goals

Arrows: Get the second volume done and third volume started.

The Woodsman: Get it finished.

Also, here is a picture of the Brothers on this last day of October…today and yesterday are the only clear days we’ve had in like two weeks. Seriously, last week was mostly rain, rain, and more rain. (not that I’m complaining)

How’s your month been? Any plans for NaNo? Also, I never got around to watching Luther. Maybe I can get to it within the next month…

One thought on “October Writing Results / November Writing Goals

  1. Oooh, now I want to watch Luther again. 🙂

    Best wishes on your move! Having moved rather a lot in the past 17 years, I empathize. It is a big job.


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