November Writing Results / December Writing Goals

ONE MONTH AWAY FROM 2022. Time really does seem to go by faster as you grow up…

ANYWAY. Let’s get to it, shall we?

November Writing Results

Arrows: Started on the second draft as part of the editing plan. I’ve also decided to split Arrows into two volumes. The first volume will deal with the kids growing up and starting to leave home, while the second will have them getting married, starting families of their own, and-I can’t really say much else lest I spoil the ending.

I’m not gonna show every single year, but the first volume will have three parts that will roughly cover the first twenty years…though again, since it’s not going to show every year, then it’ll probably be closer to twelve years that’s shown? Fifteen? I haven’t quite gotten the math figured out. The second volume will be also be three sections and cover about twelve years, give or take. Thirteen if you count the epilogue.

All in all though, with the amount of material I’m covering, they’re probably both going to turn out thiiiiiiick.

The Woodsman: Got most of the Autumn section done. I still have to figure out what my overall chapter goal is for this. I’m kind of projecting the Spring section to be the shortest one, with Summer being the next shortest, then Autumn being the second-longest, and Winter being the longest.

I also started on a spinoff to Arrows that’s titled The Importance of Waiting, and it will be about one of the side characters.

December Writing Goals

If I can get the second draft of Arrows done, and The Woodsman done…I will be a happy camper. But, as always, everything is on God’s timing, not mine.

Would I love to have these both published by next summer? Yes. But I don’t know what’s gonna happen or whether these will become published books at all. Maybe they’ll end up as serials on my blog, or as something else.

I don’t know, but God knows.

How was your November? Get any writing done?

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