Book Review: Fanny’s Hope Chest by Sarah Holman // 2.5-3 Stars

One more book review for the end of the year, then it’s on to 2022!

I’m not entirely sure what to think of this story. I liked it and didn’t like it. I liked Fanny and what she did with her hope chest, but I didn’t really like Ellie? She seemed…I don’t know, wishy-washy?

However, the thing that kept it from five stars was Fanny’s remark that being a wife and mother is a Christian woman’s highest calling.

While marriage and parenthood are indeed high and noble callings, they are not a Christian’s highest calling. A Christian’s highest calling-or chief end-is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

But Fanny is never corrected about this, which is disappointing. It’s probably why Ellie’s development felt rushed and incomplete to me. Like Fanny, Ellie is never actually reminded that her purpose is to glorify God in all that she does.

Another thing is that it’s never mentioned to either Fanny or Ellie that marriage, parenthood, and singleness are gifts and God is the one who determines who receives which gift.

Some are given the gift of marriage, but not of parenthood. Some are given both marriage and parenthood. Still others are gifted with singleness.

As an aside, I did find it strange that Psalm 139 would be used when, looking back, Colossian 3:17 would have made more sense.


It’s a nice novella, but it’s not for me.

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